Bank of Baroda PO Preparation 2017 Tips & Last Minute Strategy

Bank of Baroda PO Preparation 2017

This is meant for the individuals who are preparing themselves for Bank of Baroda PO Preparation 2017. When you are getting ready for any competitive exams, you should remember few things in your mind. As the competition is increasing day by day, so one must move on to the smart studies instead of studies alone. If you are facing problems while getting ready for an competitive exam and don’t know exactly what you should do in order to face it, then this is the post you should be reading. We are going to tell you how one can excel in an exam by doing the given below tips and things at time.

Bank of Baroda PO Preparation 2017

Tips & Last Minute Strategy For PO Exam 2017

Have a shorter study period: One should not study for too long if you really want to excel in an exam. It is really better to break your study sessions.

Sync the timetable of your school with the home study schedule: Whenever you see your teacher from wherever you would be taking coaching, covers a topic in class, make sure to cover it as soon as possible so that you can revise the topic from beforehand. Try to make the notes for revision.

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BOB Probationary Officer Exam Preparation 2017

Plan your study time: Before you sit to study, you should have planned lesson plan in your hand. You should be accompanied with what you want to study and what you don’t when you are preparing for PO exam.

Take small breaks: Next you must really remember to take a few small breaks. Taking breaks is very important. If you study too much at one go, you may not remember a thing during exams.

Drink some coffee: If you want to do well in an exam, you must remember to take care of the small things. For example, drinking enough tea/coffee while study as they have a property due to which they keep your mind alert.

Keep yourself far away from distractions: This is one of the important thing that one should do while preparing for whether PO exam or any other competitive exam , to keep yourself far away from any sort of potential distraction when you are studying or getting ready for an exam.

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BOB Bank Exam Prepare Tips 2017

 Study during the early hours of the day: Another thing you can do is study during the early hours of the day especially if the topics are difficult. The best time to study is in the morning itself.

Don’t study at odd times:  you should not study at odd times, it means that you shouldn’t be studying when you are sleepy.

Read the text thoroughly: one should try to read the text properly and thoroughly. If needed, read every chapter thrice. Reading a topic again and again, directly inserts in mind.

Remember the keywords: one should pay attention to the keywords. For that, you can highlight them and whenever you are studying, keep them in mind.

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Save enough time for revision: When you are getting ready for an exam, don’t forget to revise. Make sure to revise at least 2-3 times before you sit for an exam.

Use colour for the books: don’t try to keep your books neat and clean. Use colours on your books. You should colour the ideas in red, the dates can be kept in blue with the other This is actually a very good strategy and one that can help you in the long run.

Get a proper diet: Exam time is usually very important. So make sure you have a proper diet prepared from beforehand so that you can be ready for the exam in the best way possible.

Bank Probationary Officer Preparing Tricks 2017

Get enough exercise: Relaxed mind resides in relaxed body. So, you should not forget  to give your body enough exercise.

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Don’t be very social: Also remember to be as less social as you can. Don’t attend too many parties, Exams are important after all and you need to be more into your books.

Don’t study one tough subject after the other: One of the worst things you could do while preparing for an exam is studying one tough subject after the other. In simple words, don’t do that.

Switch off your phone: Another important thing you must do is switch off your phone when you are studying.

Study hard: make sure you are spending at least 6 to 7 hours on studying. And when you do, study solid! Don’t waste a minute of your time.

Don’t get stressed out: Finally, we would suggest you not to stress so much when it comes to getting ready for an exam.

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During the BOB PO Exam 2017
  • Don’t pay attention to the things, which you have never done earlier.
  • First attempt only those questions in which you are confident enough.
  • Try to Score maximum marks in that part in which you are confident enough.
  • This would result in increasing your performance and confidence.
  • It will definitely help you in scoring well in your weak areas as well.
  • Make a timeline and stick to it.
  • Don’t attempt a section for much time i.e. doesn’t waste your time.
  • Don’t stick to a single question.
  • Remember you only get less than a minute to solve a question.
  • So instead of wasting time do other simple questions first.

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