Sathiya Kit & Salah App Download Free & How to Use Details

Sathiya Kit & Salah App

Sathiya Kit & Salah App is now available to download. You can get it free from the given link & here read the How to Use Details from the following lines. National Teen Health Program, 26 Caror of Indian Young Generation joined by the Sathiya Kit & Salah App in which government helps to provide the knowledge and behavior of sex to 10 to 19 years old community of the nation and providing the details about the common misconception of sex, homosexuality and other imaginary or misleading idea about the teen emotions about this topics.

Sathiya Kit & Salah App

Generally when our parents or a teacher gives us the knowledge of real facts and guidance about this topic then we youngster considers this as sermon and didn’t have so much attention on the topic. So, this is the first time when government of India started this programs as Sathiya Kit & Salah App in which government providing the sex teaching through this mobile application and trained 1.65 Lakhs “Sathiya” that are under age of 12-20 years old youngster and providing the “Sathiya Kit” that educate us about the emotions and attribute of sex and uses and importance of Contraceptive (Garbh Nirodhak) way.

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Download free Sathiya App

This app is easy and free of cost to download and you can get it through the Google play. This android app will be very helpful to resolve the misleading and Illusion or confusion about the natural emotion and attraction about the opposite or mono sexual relations. You can Download free Sathiya App and get the all information and tips on this topic.

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This Sathiya Kit & Salah App find out the all solutions about the misconception of the gay sex as well as. In India there are so many wrong idea and impression about homosexuality for both gayness and lesbianism and here no any clear act or rule about this in Indian Constitution. There are very big numbers of people that consider it as unnatural and antisocial activity. This App will be very  helpful to understand about it.

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How to Use Sathiya Kit & Salah App

The Sathiya Kit & Salah App is available to download, you can get it directly from the below mentioned link and this is very easy to use. Through this app you can get the all general knowledge about sex and all important elements about this topic in a very user friendly way. Download it form here and install to your android device and open it. Grab the all info about your any kind of question through it that is very difficult to ask anyone directly.

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Be safe and make your manner such that prevent any kind of unnatural sex activity. Keep patience and avoid sex before marriage as long as possible and live a healthy and clean life. Good luck. According to a Indian slang स्वच्छ आत्मा केवल स्वच्छ शरीर में वास करती है”. Hope, you understand what our mean to say.

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Link to Download Sathiya Kit & Salah App
Download Sathiya Kit & Salah App Click Here

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